December 09, 2016

SUNDAY WORSHIPJoin us for worship this Sunday at 10:30 a.m.


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oppc welcome

Welcome to Overland Park Presbyterian Church!


If you are looking for a congregation that seeks to deepen its service in our local community as we worship and serve God with lively traditional worship in an atmosphere where children are welcomed, this is the place for you.


Our parking lot is located on Marty, just north of the intersection with 81st street in historic downtown Overland Park, Kansas.




ADVENT SERIES 2016: “The Way of Fear vs. The Way of God”


            “Do not be afraid” is the phrase most encountered in the Gospels when angels show up to announce good news. People respond in two ways: they let go of their fear and are responsive to God’s call or they allow fear to take root and are driven to desperate acts to counter God’s in-breaking kingdom.


            Our congregation is in a time of high anxiety. There are many factors to this: the sale of our building, the uncertainty of our next steps, an active membership lower than what it has been. During worship in Advent we will begin studying and talking about what our fears are, what our hopes are and where we believe God is calling us.  


1st Sunday of Advent: The Destructive Nature of Fear. Matthew 2:1-16

In Matthew, Herod and all of Jerusalem are shaped by the Way of Fear when they hear about the coming of a new king. The end result of this is the slaughter of the innocents when the wise men do not go back to tell him where Jesus is. Herod let fear of what could happen shape his life and actions and what he reaped was death of infants. The Way of God of action is exemplified by the Wise Men. They follow a star to Jesus and are guided by angels to safe paths. 


2nd Sunday of Advent: Naming Our Fears. Matthew 1:18-25


When Joseph hears of Mary’s pregnancy, he makes plans to “dismiss her quietly”. The angel comes to him and names that he is afraid. Maybe he is afraid for his reputation, or of heartbreak. In naming his fear he to faces it and become who he is called to be: a husband and father. From this point on, he belongs to Mary and to this child. We will name our fears for our church, so that we can face them.


3rd Sunday of Advent: Naming Our Faith. Luke 1:26-38


Are we a people will we walk the Way of Fear or the Way of Faith? To which way do we belong? In Gabriel’s greeting, Mary is given a new identity- “Favored one- the Lord is with you!” Working with the fearful statements from previous weeks, we will rework these to reshape who we are. 


4th Sunday of Advent, Transformation: Luke:1:39-56


Mary sings of the transformation that is happening in her and the world. Her song is about upending the powers and structures of the world that walk the Way of Fear. It is a summons to embrace the Way of God. Our church’s Mission Statement is this: Because God is love, God calls us to create a community that is open and accepting.  We do this by meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our neighborhood. In a world shaped by the Way of Fear how will we concretely live out the Way of God through mission, worship and study?


        This is an exciting time for us. (Sometimes it feels a bit too exciting!) Together, we must work to discern where God is calling us. Join us this Advent as we choose to embrace the Way of God over the Way of Fear.




Looking for something to do Sunday mornings? Spend it with us!


Adult Sunday School     9:00am

Worship               10:30am


8029 Overland Park Dr.
Overland Park, KS 66204
Office: (913) 642-4217





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